Échappé : [ey-sha-pey, ey-shap-ey; French ey-sha-pey] - to escape, to move to open from a closed position.

Échappé is a weekend long retreat for girls ages 13 to 18. Our mission is to allow the girls to escape the cares of life and experience God’s love through nurturing their physical, spiritual and mental well-being. We believe in developing young girls to love, dream and believe in themselves from the inside / out. Retreat topics include; building self-esteem, etiquette, finances, health and wellness, creating a vision board and a painting experience culminating in developing and discovering their purpose. Our desire is that each girl will leave the weekend Restored, Refreshed, Rejuvenated and Confident to faces the many obstacles in life. We believe in training leaders among peers and preparing young ladies to have a purposeful career for their future.

Échappé (A Divison of Artistry of Grace) • info@Échappé.org • 205.276.8511